Jack Sanders

Awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Guitar Society.

What's new

  • Piatigorsky Foundation concert tour of Washington State, March 19-24 and Oklahoma, May 10-19.  See Piatigorskyfoundation.org for more information
  • Friday, Feb. 16, performance of Vivaldi Concerto for two Mandolins and Grace and Decay, by Brendon Randall-Myers (first performance) at Bridges Hall of Music, 150 E. 4th St., Claremont, CA 91711 Call 909-607-2671 for further information. Free
  • Lecture on “Relaxation Techniques for Every Day” at GFA Festival, Louisville, KY, June 20
  • See Fretboard Journal, "If it ain't baroque..." on the Sanders' Stradivarius baroque guitars, by Paul Fuller.